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dc.description.abstractThe Ministry of Education and Research (MER) is issuing the annual analysis for the third time and its objective is to give an overview of the developments in the fields of education, research, youth and language policy and archiving in Estonia. Knowledge and information are a significant part of the road to the right decisions. The annual analysis has two objectives. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the status of Estonian education, research, youth and language policy and archiving, we take a closer look at certain topics. These analyses provide a more detailed overview of the topics that have stood out in the areas of responsibility of the MER in recent years by answering the following questions: why is it important, where are we today, what factors influence it, what have we done and, if necessary, what else could we do. A detailed overview of the success of graduates on the labour market has been added to the annual analysis as an extra topic this
dc.publisherMinistry of Education and Researchet
dc.subjectYouth Affairset
dc.subjectEstonian language and language skillset
dc.subjectgood skillset
dc.subjectsalary of teacherset
dc.subjectstudent mobilityet
dc.subjectSTEM educationet
dc.titleAnnual analysisof Ministry of Education and Research 2017et

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