About the Gallery Theme

This Manakin theme provides a gallery display for image collections. It assumes DSpace items in the collection have a DSpace-generated thumbnail, and it displays details and the thumbail in embedded popups in the gallery interface.

In addition, it implements a Javascript-based zoom and pan interface on the DSpace item detail view. See instructions.



Install as any other Manakin theme. This theme contains no aspects, so can be added without recompiling/building DSpace

All configuration paramaters are set in the file "config.xml" located at the root of the theme when unpacked. Locating them there is intended ease migration to new versions of this theme.

Larger thumbnail images are recommended, as they will display in the popup interface at a larger size.

Zoom and pan interface

The Javascript-based zoom and pan interface is implemented using TJP Zoom (see Credits and License Info). This interface will appear if the DSpace item in this collection has a bitstream of MIMETYPE JPEG that is less than the value set in config-maxServiceImageSize. If the item has multiple JPEGs that qualify, the LARGEST will be discplayed in the zoom tool.

Credits and License Info

This Manakin theme includes these Javascript libraries:

Please ensure that your use of this code is in accordance with the licensing of those code libraries.

This theme was written by Eric Jansson (ejansson@nitle.org) of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education - NITLE. The theme was produced as part of a project to determine how Manakin can serve the needs of DSpace repositories at liberal arts institutions, and to understand better the resources necessary to develop Manakin themes.

To remove the link to this page from the theme, please edit the file: gallery.xsl and change the theme setting $config-showAboutLink at the top of the file: gallery.xsl