Acta et commentationes Universitatis Tartuensis 947, 1992
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Systematic research in air electricity at Tartu University has been going on over forty years. An English-language survey of the history of the Air Electricity Laboratory (AEL) and a bibliography of publications up to 1985 (761 titles) can be found in the book [Ionizaciya, aerozoli, elektrometriya. Bibliograficheskii ukazatel nauchnyh publikacii Tartuskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta za 1946-1985 gg. Tartu, 1986]. A greater part of the scientific results of AEL has been published in Russian and in publications relatively little known to the scientific community at large. Since 1990 the results of AEL are published mainly in English. Most of the recent results of AEL are to a significant extent based on earlier publications and without this information several questions might arise in reading the recent papers.

To remedy the situation AEL has decided to publish a collection of English-language translations and summaries of its early papers which have originally been published in Russian. However, the present collection dealing with air ion and aerosol science does not reflect the whole range of research carried out in AEL.

The collection contains two types of papers: unchanged translations, and surveys written specially for this volume. A respective note can be found at the end of all translated articles. It is recommended to refer to the original publication in the cases of unchanged translations, and to this volume in other cases.

The collection also contains a bibliography of AEL's recent titles, which is a sequel of the above book. As in the above book the Estonian and Russian titles are provided with English translations. Differently from the above book only papers on air ions and aerosols are listed.

The editor wishes to thank Mati Limberg for his help in translating the articles and Karmen Veldre for her typing.

Tartu, February, 1992
Jaan Salm and Hannes Tammet