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    • Järjestusvalik 

      Rajaleid, Kristiina (Tartu Ülikool, 2000)
    • Asümmeetria ja järsakuse karakteristikud 

      Kilgi, Helle (Tartu Ülikool, 2005)
    • Elastsete plaatide painde ülesanded 

      Kasepuu, Kaile (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      The aim of this work is to introduce the Basic equations of the Kirchhoff’s bending theory. The current study consists on two parts. In the first part we derive the governing differential equation for the deflection for ...
    • Otsesuunatud tehisnärvivõrgud paketis R 

      Liivoja, Merili (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Human brain is a complex and powerful system that is able to solve a wide variety of tasks. The aim of many scientists is to develop a computer simulation that mimics the brain functions and solves problems the way our ...
    • Sümmeetriline tuletis ja sellega seotud keskväärtusteoreemid 

      Malberg, Kaia (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Ordinary differentiable functions are known from base course of calculus. In this bachelor thesis they are presented in a generalized meaning. The function f : D !R, where D " R, is said to be symmetrically differentiable ...
    • M(a,B,c)-ideaalid Banachi ruumides 

      Rozhinskaya, Ksenia (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      In their 1973 paper “Structure in real Banach spaces” [AE], E. Alfsen and E. Effros introduced the notion of an M-ideal. It turned out that a closed subspace of a Banach space that is an M-ideal enjoys some properties ...
    • Tõkestamata intervallis ühtlaselt pidevad funktsioonid 

      Bogdanova, Galina (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Uniform continuity of real functions on unbounded intervals is not a compulsory topic in the basic analysis courses. In the course «Calculus III», the study of the uniform continuity is limited to Cantor’s theorem. The ...
    • Ülevaade metaheuristilistest meetoditest ja rändkaupmehe ülesande lahendamine GRASP meetodiga 

      Loolaid, Indrek (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      This bachelor thesis gives an overview of metaheuristics, what they are and what are they used for. Several metaheuristic algorithms are briefly examined which are divided into two groups based on how many solution ...
    • Aasia optsioonide hindamine 

      Kask, Rain (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Determining the correct value of an option is the main problem in option theory. There are several factors which determine the price of an option. In addition to these factors, Asian options also depend on the history ...
    • Minkowski aegruumi geomeetriast 

      Lätt, Priit (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      We consider a four-dimensional real vector space in which three coordinates describe the space, and the fourth coordinate describes time. Such a vector space, equipped with Minkowski metric, is said to be a Minkowski ...
    • Agrawali, Kayali ja Saxena teoreem algarvulisuse kohta 

      Räni, Ave (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      This bachelor’s thesis gives an overview about prime numbers and different methods how to determine if an integer is prime or composite. It is based on Andrew Granville’s article "It is easy to determine if a given integer ...
    • Integraali keskväärtusteoreemid: keskväärtust määravate punktide asümptootiline käitumine 

      Maadik, Inger-Helen (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      The purpose of this thesis is to study the asymptotic behaviour of intermediate points in mean value theorems for integrals. The most simple mean value theorem states that if f : [a; b] ! R is a continuous function then ...
    • Täisarvuliste maatriksite Smithi normaalkuju 

      Loit, Kätlin (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      This bachelor’s thesis gives an overview of the Smith normal form for integral matrices, i.e. matrices whose entries are integers. This normal form is a diagonalization that exists for any integral matrix and, moreover, ...
    • Joonteparvede mähisjooned 

      Org, Riina (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      The point of this bachelor’s thesis is to explore the envelopes of family of curves and curves characteristic points on the plane. In this thesis it has been studied enveloping surface of family of spheres (cone of sound ...
    • Osakeste parvega optimeerimise rakendamine elektribörsil 

      Rakaselg, Gerda (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      This bachelor thesis consists of giving an overview of the electircity market in Estonia, introducing the method of particle swarm optimization (PSO) and implementing PSO on a problem associated with electricity ...
    • Absoluutselt summeerivad operaatorid ruumil B (F) 

      Izotova, Jekaterina (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
    • Dünaamiliste süsteemide ja geneetika mudelid 

      Lillo, Karin (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Dynamic systems are systems, which develop or change in time. With every model in this thesis there is given a story about the origin of given system or equation and necessary information. In addition to models there are ...
    • Matemaatika võimalikest rakendustest muusikas 

      Simson, Mai (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to give an overview of some mathematical applications which can be used in music. The thesis is mainly based on three books: “Simple Gamma” by Georgi Evgenevitš Šilov, “Occidents’ ...
    • DEA meetodi rakendamine Kagu-Eesti gümnaasiumide efektiivsuse hindamisel 

      Muru, Liina (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to introduce Data Envelopment Analysis method and to apply it to the secondary schools of Southeastern Estonia. DEA method is a mathematical method that calculates the efficiency by solving ...
    • Rändkaupleja ülesande lahendamine sipelgaalgoritmiga 

      Laas, Teele (Tartu Ülikool, 2013)
      Complex combinatorial optimization problems have arised in many different fields. However, often this kind of problems are very hard to solve in practice, scientists have worked out many algorithms for solving combinatorial ...