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dc.contributor.editorRoose, Antti
dc.description.sponsorshipLifelong Learning Programme
dc.description.tableofcontentsAntti Roose: Progressing water geography discourses in the framework of the Erasmus seminar series - Silvia Piovan and Pierpaolo Faggi: The tradition of the European Seminar on Geography of Water in Padova: Experience in research and training - Leandro del Moral, Maria Fernanda Pita, Belén Pedregal, Nuria Hernández-Mora, Natalia Limones: Current paradigms in the management of water: Resulting information needs - Arvo Järvet: Morphological assessment of the quality of running water bodies for water management planning - Milada Matoušková and Kateřina Šmerousová: Hydromorphological reference condition of streams based on the European Water Framework Directive - Andrea Corsale and Giovanni Sistu: The changing relations among resources, communities and institutions in Sardinian wetlands - Franca Battigelli and Andrea Guaran: Drinking water(s) in Italy: Bottled, tap or kiosk water? - Levente Ronczyk, Szabolcs Czigány, Zoltan Wilhelm: Urban water damages in Pécs triggered by extreme weather events - Daniela Zlatunova and Panka Babukova: Flood risk assessment – a basis for sustainable spatial development. Case study: the Republic of Bulgaria - Chronicle of European seminars of water geography 2005–2014:Tartu 2005, Sevilla 2006, Sofia 2008, Udine 2009, Cluj-Napoca 2010, Cagliari 2011, Munich–Fischbachau 2012, Zadar 2013, Padova 2014
dc.publisherInstitute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Department of geography. University of Tartuet
dc.relation.hasversionISBN 978–9985–4–0825–4
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.titleProgress in water geography- Pan-European discourses, methods and practices of spatial water researchet
dc.title.alternativePublicationes Instituti Geographici Universitatis Tartuensis 110

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