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dc.contributor.authorTartu Ülikool
dc.contributor.editorKurs, Ott, toimetaja
dc.contributor.editorKullus, Leo-Peeter, toimetaja
dc.description.tableofcontents• Е. Hang. - Surface relief and geological structure as causes of the landscape peculiarities of the Otepää Upland • Resümee • Резюме • Е. Linkrus. - The Glint headlands and Glint bays in the Lahemaa National Park • Resümee • Резюме • Н. Mürk. - On the diversity of monthly totals of precipitation in Estonia • Resümee • Резюме • J. Jõgi, P. Karing, A. Raik. - Investigation into the microclimate of the landscape units in the Estonian S.S.R. • Resümee • Резюме • Н. Mardiste. - Currents in the straits of the Väinameri • Resümee • Резюме • Rooma, L. Reintam. - Soil map of the Estonian S.S.R. • Resümee • Резюме • S. Nõmmik. - Spatial concentration of productive forces and social-economic spatial systems • Resümee • Резюме • А. Marksoo. - On the regularities of the concentration process in the settlement system of the Estonian S.S.R. • Resümee • Резюме • Е. Tsopp. - Local centres in settlement systems • Resümee • Резюме • U. Pragi. - Measuring shape in geography • Resümee • Резюме • J. Eilart. - Practical application of the basic principles of nature study paths in recreation and nature conservation areas of the Estonian S.S.R. • Resümee • Резюме o Benno. - Pupils' attitudes to different methods of teaching and forms of work used in learning geography • Resümee • Резюме • Benno. - Geograhphy olympiads of general-educational schools in the Estonian S.S.R. • Resümee • Резюме • L. Tiik. - The lighthouse of Kõpu (formely Dagerort) • Resümee • Резюме • E. Varep. - 150 years since the birth of Richard Maack • Resümee • Резюме • Contents Sisukord Содержание
dc.publisherTartu Riiklik Ülikoolen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTartu Ülikooli toimetised;vihik 393
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTartu Ülikooli toimetised. Geograafia-alaseid töid;13
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectTartu Ülikoolen
dc.titleGeograafia-alaseid töid. XIII : pühendatud XXIII Rahvusvahelisele geograafia kongressile = Publications on geography : on the occasion of the XXIII International Geographical Congress = Труды по географии : посвященный XXIII-му Международному географическому конгрессуen

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