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dc.contributor.advisorRajamäe, Pilvi, juhendaja
dc.contributor.advisorRajamäe, Pilvi, juhendaja
dc.contributor.authorPärn, Grete
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Humanitaarteaduste ja kunstide valdkondet
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Inglise filoloogia osakondet
dc.description.abstractThe present thesis will explore Daphne du Maurier`s treatment of female Gothic in her novel Rebecca. The main purpose is to find out how the author uses the conventions of the canon stretching back to Ann Radcliffe`s female Gothic heroine in order to produce her own version of the Gothic heroine. The thesis consists of an introduction, two main chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction gives a general overview of Daphne du Maurier as an author, and her novel Rebecca. The first chapter will give an overview of the female Gothic genre and its use in the novel in the context of pertinent scholarship. The second chapter will analyse du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, pinpointing innovations and digressions from the Gothic canon used by the author to create her own version of the Gothic heroine. The findings of the thesis are summarised in the
dc.publisherTartu Ülikoolet
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subject.otherDu Maurier, Daphneet
dc.subject.othergooti kirjanduset
dc.titleThe gothic heroine in Rebecca by Daphne du Maurieret

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