ECePS kodulehekülg.

ECePS is a 5-year project funded by the EU to raise the research excellence and profile of the University of Tartu in addressing three questions:
• How to harness the benefits of digital transformation of government while minimizing the associated risks and ensuring security, privacy and equal access?
• How can obstacles that prevent governments from implementing e-governance systems be overcome?
• How can researchers and practitioners best utilize the vast amounts of data that is already being generated throughout the world (via existing public e-services)?
ECePS will do so by:
• Applying predictive analytics to existing e-governance systems to suggest improvements to evidence-based policymaking;
• Examining how e-governance data can be utilized to test the effect of specific policies on behavior in real time and not through ex-post impact evaluations;
• Identifying how real-time analysis of in-motion big data can be done while protecting citizens’ privacy and security;
• Examining the impact of e-participation in democratic systems;

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