25 selected publications – 25 valitud publikatsiooni:

1.        Tammet, H. (1970) The aspiration method for the determination of atmospheric ion-spectra. IPST for NSF, Jerusalem.

2.        Tammet, H.F. (1970) Volt-ampernye kharakteristiki unipolyarnogo koronnogo razryada (in Russian, transl.: Volt-ampere characteristics of unipolar corona discharge) (in Russian). Elektrichestvo 82–83.

3.        Tammet, H.F. (1981) K probleme statistiki shkolnykh otmetok (in Russian, transl.: On the problem of school mark statistics) (in Russian). Sovetskaya pedagogika 71–76.

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25.    Tammet, H., Kulmala, M. (2014) Performance of four-parameter analytical models of atmospheric aerosol particle size distribution. J. Aerosol Sci., 77, 145–157.


August 2014
Hannes Tammet