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The objective of the thesis was to find out the motivators of participating in charity activities by taking part in money donation campaigns in the Estonian transitional society. The empirical basis of thesis are in-depth interviews with adult Estonians who have and who have donated money. It is the first time to analyze the motivation and interpretation of money donation in Estonia. The first chapter of the thesis gives overview of the empirical and theoretical background of the paper and explains the important concepts of the thesis, such as social capital, values, motivation and the campaigns of social marketing (including money donation campaigns). The concepts of social capital and social marketing, especially the concepts of social capital as defined by Putnam and Bourdieu, are the theoretical basis of the thesis. The empirical part of concept of social marketing bases on Kotler’s definition and on Andreasen’s theory of social marketing. The second chapter of the thesis introduces the main purposes of the study. The thesis raises the problem whether social marketing campaigns (more precisely campaigns, aimed to money donation) do re-create social capital? The interviewees’ interpretation of social marketing and money donation campaigns are used to answer to this question. The third chapter gives an overview of the methods, sources of quantitative analyze and the target group of the qualitative analyze of the study. The fourth chapter presents the results of the study. The empirical material of the study based on secondary quantitative analyze of the research “Mina. Maailm. Meedia 2005” and original research conducted by the author for the thesis (interviews with both Estonians who have participated in money donation campaigns and those Estonians who have not participated in money donation campaigns). The interviews are about finding out the motivators of donation/non-donation, how the donation campaigns are perceived and how donation is interpreted in wider societal context. In the chapter of main conclusions and discussion the main results and interpretations of the analyze are presented and the main questions of the study have been answered. According to the pilot research it could be said, that the level of social capital is much higher among those, who have participated in the money donation campaigns and those people define money donation as part of creating social capital. The people who have not participated in money donation campaigns are much more pragmatic and critical regarding money donation as part of marketing practice and regarding the social policy of the state. Since the connotation of promotion of social capital is missing in current donation campaigns, these campaigns do not strengthen social capital in Estonian society. The money donation campaigns should emphasize social partnership, promote the change of behavior and educate people instead. According to theoretical and empirical material of the study it could be said that the current money donation campaigns reproduce social capital and coherence among those having higher level of social capital (those, who have donated), but for changing the attitudes and increase the social capital (which are the presumptions of participation in donation campaigns) the confidence must be created in our society, since via informing and educating people it is possible to create and enlarge personal confidence and also social capital. The donation campaigns as being part of social marketing, should concentrate more on social partnership and social capital, building confidence instead of being just marketing orientated. The thesis about money donation is the first covering this subject field and the purposes of pilot research do not cover all the interesting aspects of the area. The field of money donation, the development of the meaning of money donation and the motivators of participating in charity need further research.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd