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dc.contributor.authorTartu Ülikool
dc.contributor.editorRaudam, Ernst, toimetaja
dc.description.tableofcontents• Э. Раудам. - Сосудистые заболевания головного мозга • K. Aho, R. Zupping, R. Fogelholm, E. Raudam, M. Roose. - Incidence of stroke in the Espoo-Kauniainen area, Finland and in Tartu, Estonia, Soviet Union • Резюме • M. Roose, R. Zupping. - Cerebrovascular disease in Tartu, Estonia, USSR, 1970 through 1973; frequency, prognosis and population selectivity • Резюме • T. Tomberg. - Epidemiology of primary subarachnoid hemorrhages in the Estonian SSR • Резюме • M. Roose. - Risk factors in stroke • Резюме • O. Waltimo, M. Kaste, К. Aho. - Prognosis of stroke • Резюме • T. Tomberg. - Prognosis of patients with internal carotid and middle cerebral artery occlusive disease • Резюме • A.-E. Kaasik, R. Zupping. - Cerebral gas exchange and cerebrospinal fluid acid-base balance in patients with cerebrovascular disease • Резюме • A.-E. Kaasik, M. Roose. - Activity of lactate dehydrogenase of the cerebrospinal fluid and of the blood in patients with brain infarction • Резюме • E. Lausvee, T. Tomberg, M. Mägi. - Changes in the cerebrovascular tonus related to the prognosis of cerebral vascular disorders • Резюме • M. Mägi, T. Tomberg, R. Zupping. - Regional cerebral blood flow in the acute period of ischemic stroke • Резюме • U. Noormaa, L. Luts, H. Vadi. - Blood volume and extracellular volume dynamics in stroke • Резюме • U. Noormaa, M. Teder. - Intravascular platelet aggregation in stroke • Резюме • K. Parts. - Polyacrylamide-gel disc electrophoresis of native CSF and serum proteins in patients with cerebral infarction • Резюме • Schotter, P. Roosaar. - Vasomotor effects of the stimulation of various subcortical brain structures • Резюме • O. Heiskanen, J. Vilkki. - Intracranial arterial aneurysms in children • Резюме • E. Raudam, R. Paimre. - Surgical treatment of saccular aneurysms of brain arteries • Резюме • E. Raudam, R. Paimre. - Surgical treatment of occlusive lesions in the carotid arteries • Резюме • E. Raudam, R. Paimre. - Surgical treatment of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages • Резюме • T. Randvere, A. Perli, J. Kõrm. - Immediate and long-term prognosis in SAH due to ruptured intracranial aneurysms • Резюме • Содержание • Contensru
dc.publisherTartu Riiklik Ülikoolen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTartu Ülikooli toimetised;vihik 589
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTartu Ülikooli toimetised. Arstiteaduslikke töid;
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dc.subjectTartu Ülikoolen
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dc.titleТруды по медицине. Сосудистые заболевания головного мозга : эпидемиология, патогенез, клиника и лечение = Cerebrovascular diseases : epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture and treatmenten

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