The Diffusion of Electronic Voting for Participatory Budgeting Projects: Evidence from Ukraine



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Electronic voting for participatory budgeting projects in Ukraine it is understudied. Therefore, the paper aims to investigate the patterns of diffusion of e-voting for participatory budgeting projects in Ukraine. This quantitative inquiryscrutinized data about 175 Ukrainian communities that have practiced e-participatory budgeting during 2017-2020 utilizing descriptive and inferential statistics,as well as ANOVA analysis of variance, bivariate and partial correlation analysis. It became evident that participatory budgeting e-voting diffusion vary greatly across Ukrainian communities. Overall, there are some indications of an ongoing digitalization of participatory budgeting voting, which cannot be stated with ab-solute certainty. The one definitely confirmed pattern of participatory budgetinge-voting diffusion in Ukrainian communities is that longer duration of participatory budgeting is associated with higher e-voting rates.



Electronic Voting, Internet Voting, Participatory Budgeting, kaasav eelarve, elektrooniline hääletamine