Open government data application possibilities in Estonian nutrition sector



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University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy


The aim of the current piece is to investigate Open Government Data application possibilities by the example of Estonian nutrition sector. The piece goes through defining various data types and analyzing Open Government Data situation in different countries. By comparing the recent developments, it finds Estonia’s lag on Open Government Data developments compared to many other countries. By investigating more thoroughly current situation in Estonian e-service developments in healthcare, it presents the lack of success in dealing with innovation in a public sector organization. Based on existing e-services, examples are presented to illustrate the benefits and advantages of using Open Government Data in nutrition sector. By conducting a research in Estonian nutrition sector, the piece finds that awareness-level and usage of public sector e-services among people interested in healthy nutrition is low. Based on empirical internet-based research, information gathered visiting public sector events and questionnaire conducted in Estonian nutrition sector, the piece suggests that there should be a clear strategy towards Open Government Data by finding resources to establish stable version of Open Government Data Portal, giving a strong political signal towards Open Government Data and using the support of Estonian Open Data Community to facilitating events where the creation of pilot e-services using Open Government Data would be addressed.



magistritööd, eesti, tervishoiuteenused, toitumine, e-teenused, avalik sektor, avaandmed