Gamification in education: practising English phrasal verbs using a gamified activity



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Tartu Ülikool


The lack of engagement is a problem for many students in school and a number of potential ways to solve this issue have been proposed. One such solution is the implementation of gamification. Gamification is “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts” (Deterding et al. 2011: 2). Since games have been characterised as fun, gratifying, involving, and motivating (Prensky 2001: 106), including elements from games into non-game contexts should lead to increased engagement in students. The purpose of this thesis is to analyse whether a gamified activity has any positive effect on the engagement of younger, 6th grade students – a relatively underexplored age group. Additionally, this thesis aims to analyse how three game elements – points, time constraints, and cooperation – affect the engagement of these students. The scope of the study conducted in this thesis is small, but since the students participating in it are part of an underrepresented age group, this thesis still hopes to provide valuable data for further research.



kaasahaaratus, fraasiverbid, mänguelemendid