Impact of Technological Factor on Cloud Computing adoption for Electoral Data Management in Nigeria; a mediating effect of Environmental factor



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This study was carried out to ascertain the impact of technological factor on the adoption of cloud computing for electoral data management in Nigeria with consideration to the mediating impact of environmental factors. This study adopted inferential research design Three important stakeholders were engaged as target participants which included members of the general public who are of voting age (18 years and above), members of civil society organizations (CSOs) engaged in election monitoring; and INEC personnel. The study's data collection was through questionnaire and then analysed with the Structural equation model (SEM) AMOS of the SPSS. The results revealed that Technological factors significantly and positively affect cloud-based computing adoption in Nigeria electoral system, and that environmental factor partially, positively and significantly mediate in the relationship between Technological factors and cloud-based computing adoption in Nigeria electoral system, it was then concluded, among others, that an increase in the technological factors of cloud computing such as security, privacy, reliability and desirability would result to significant increase in the chances of adoption of the cloud computing technology, it was therefore recommended among others, that cloud computing service provider should ensure the security, reliability and desirability values of their services are maintained and constantly improved as such would increase the chances of government agencies like INEC demanding and adopting their services.



Environmental factors, adoption, cloud computing, keskkonna faktorid