Pocket Trainer for Equestrians



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Tartu Ülikool


Equestrian sports are gaining more popularity, but there are not enough professional trainers to reach everybody. The problem of equestrians finding proper trainers or trainers at all is rising. As equestrians often train alone, they experience problems they do not know how to solve themselves. To solve the problem, Pocket Trainer, a mobile application in Estonian, was developed to assist equestrians with problems they experience during training. The user can read helpful information in Estonian about solving the most common problems, look up different jumping and pole work exercises, and calculate the appropriate distances for setting up exercises. A certified trainer evaluated the information included in the application and an experienced equestrian evaluated the application from a user’s perspective. Overall the tester was satisfied with the app and the information it offers.



Mobile application, riding, Flutter, SQFlite, equestrian sport