Moving Forward by Looking Back: Learning From Unsuccessful E-voting Projects in Europe




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Unsuccessful e-voting projects are more common than successful ones, yet they are underrepresented in the e-voting literature. Therefore, an inter-disciplinary research proposal is offered to highlight the importance of failed e-voting endeavours by investigating the causes and consequences of failure. Be-sides answering why European e-voting projects are prone to fail rather than suc-ceed, special attention is paid to the impact of that kind of outcome on future e-voting initiatives and to the examination of the state-of-the-art e-voting solutions and experiences that may overcome detected failures in the future. Towards that end, four case studies (Germany, Netherlands, Norway, UK) will be conducted to uncover context-specific and common failure sources. Ultimately, underlining the project's policy dimension, recommendations for policymakers will be for-mulated to improve the process of e-voting evaluation and implementation.



e-voting, failure, interdisciplinary research, e-valimine, interdistsiplinaarne uuring