SWEDEN. Risks and Opportunities Related to Media and Journalism Studies (2000–2020). Case Study on the National Research and Monitoring Capabilities.



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In this report, we present available data about Swedish media development during the period 2000-2020, but also relevant context to understand the production and availability of these data, and the main monitoring actors. To be precise, in accordance with the theoretical framework of the Mediadelcom project, we focus on data about legal and ethical legislation, journalistic production, media usage, and media competencies. The overall conclusion is that, in the Swedish case, there is in most instances no lack of reliable data about media development, which also means that there are good prospects for mapping such development. Instead, the challenge in this context is often how to select data, and a combination of different data, to give an objective overview of the media development in relation to topics such as deliberative communication and deliberative democracy.


media development, Sweden, data, journalism, media use, competencies, legal and ethical regulation