Development of foreign body detection methodology in industrial food preparation process



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Tartu Ülikool


Several techniques for the detection of the FB in food were studied and the advantages and disadvantages of each technique were analyzed. Among all the available techniques, ultrasound technique was found to be most promising in the detection of FB. The system for the FB detection using ultrasound was based upon pulse echo technique and was analyzed by the means of simulation, using COMSOL multiphysics 5.2 software. The model includes food pipe, transducer and possible FBs inside the liquid food. The applicability of ultrasound to the detection of FB as small as 0.1 mm in radius was established, temperature and frequency dependence was studied. A multiple time shifted transducer scheme was designed to cover maximum area of the food pipe.



Foreign body in food, Simulation, Ultrasound, COMSOL Multyphysics 5.2