Kaitseväe ajateenijate kehaline aktiivsus, alajäsemete vigastused ja põlveliigese valu: 2014-2016 aasta andmete analüüs



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Tartu Ülikool


Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate physical activity, lower extremities injuries, and knee joint pain in conscripts as well as to find assosications between measured characteristics. Methods: Total 256 male conscripts aged of 18-27 of Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion, Estonian Defence Forces who entered military service in 2014 autumn (Oct. 2014), 2015 summer (Jul. 2015) and 2016 autumn (Oct. 2016) participated in the cross-sectional study used for this masters thesis. Questionaire for previous injuries of low extremities and sports related activity, Baecke habitual physical activity (PA) questionaire and Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) questionaire were used. Spearman’s correlation coefficients were calculated. Results: The Body mass index (BMI) of the conscripts was (mean±SD) 23,9±3,0 kg/m², BMI greater than 25 kg/m² was for 33,2%. 77,8% of conscripts participated in some sort of sports activity, mean period of sport activity was 6,6±3,9 year and training load was 7,5±5,5 hours per week. At least 48,4% of conscripts had one lower extremity injury before military service. Baecke questionaire PA work-related scores were 2,97±0,78; sport-related scores were 2,31±1,60; leisure time related scores were 3,07±0,62; total score was 8,50±1,92. KOOS questionaire mean scores were calculated for subscale of symptoms83,0±14,9; pain 87,6±15,1; function at activities of daily living (ADL) 91,5±12,1; sport 78,9±20,4; knee-related Quality of life (QOL) 80,0±19,0; total score was 86,6±13,4. Statistically significant association was found between low extremity injuries and sportsrelated PA scores, KOOS subscale of symptoms, pain and QOL scores. Conclusion: Results of the study demonstrated that 1/5 of conscripts were not involved in any kind of sports activity. Almost 50% of conscripts had injuries of lower extremities before military service. KOOS sport-related and QOL subscales’ scores were significantly lower compared to symptoms, pain and ADL related scores. Low extremity injuries were associated with sport-related PA, subjective estimation of knee joint related symptoms, pain and QOL. Key words: Conscripts, physical activity, knee joint pain, injuries of lower extremities, sport, leisure time physical activity.



Conscripts, physical activity, knee joint pain, injuries of lower extremities, sport, leisure time physical activity