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Tartu Ülikool


The feedback given by the students in Moodle to the course LTAT.03.001 Computer programming of the University of Tartu is very extensive. The collected data include start quiz, weekly quizzes, tests and final exam surveys. The answers are received in several different formats: single- or multiple-choice answers, a rating scale and free-form text. To analyze the feedbacks of years 2018 and 2019 a dedicated analysis environment was created. The analysis environment takes the survey data from several years as it input and creates a comprehensive summary of the answers to each survey question using various filters and calculation methods. The main part of the results is provided in the form of tables and figures. Free-form responses are processed using word clouds, where main problems and suggestions have been identified. As an end result the analysis environment creates a hundred different tables, figures and word pictures, which give a very good overview of the feedback of the whole course.



Moodle, data analysis, evaluation, statistics, LTAT.03.001, programming