Radiological Assessment of the Bauxite Residue Valorization Chain



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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry


The behavior of radionuclides in the bauxite residue valorization chain has been analyzed, and accumulation ratios have been measured for secondary residues produced after recovery of valuable metals. Key analysis outcomes are valid specifically for the processes and raw materials in use at the Aluminium of Greece plant and are as follows: the processing of bauxite residue from the is unlikely to create secondary residues that would be hazardous from the radiological perspective, even if bauxite residue is processed successively multiple times to recover different metals. From a radiological perspective, there are no considerable limitations for the exploitation of specific BR for metal recovery. As some conclusions may be raw material or process dependent, future research could assess the possibility of applying these outcomes to other bauxite plants.



Bauxite residue, Residue processing, Natural radionuclides, Natural radioactivity, Gamma-ray spectroscopy