Is Ukraine cyber resilient?



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Tartu Ülikool


Rapid development of technologies and fast digitalization of all spheres of life around the globe increased the importance of providing cyber security at all levels. For example, in 2016 Ukraine was a target for around 7000 cyber attacks targeted at the state’s critical infrustructure, as well as a big number of cyber crimes, according to the government. (Poroshenko, 2017). The growing importance of tackling cyber crimes, events of cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and attacks makes countries and organizations develop new approaches to providing security. One of such approach is cyber resilience, which focuses among others on the inclusion of different actors into the process of confronting cyber threats in order to efficiently and quickly tackle and recover from those same cyber threats. This research contributes to the theoretical and conceptual understanding of cyber resilience as a new approach to addressing cyber threats. It also looks at the national strategy in cyber security of Ukraine with the aim to explain the process of its development and change and define the challenges it faces.