European Interoperability Landscape Report 2022



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Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions


The delivery of cross-border digital public services largely depends on the ability of public administrations and businesses to transfer data across borders. Therefore, access to trusted, interoperable, and secure data-exchange solutions is essential for delivering cross-border services but is also crucial for establishing the Single Digital Gateway (SDG) and building a functioning European Digital Single Market (DSM). Numerous projects, alliances, and partnerships have been implemented to explore and develop different solutions that would support the creation of an interoperable future for Europe. Thus far, a clear understanding of cross-border data exchange initiatives is lacking, especially regarding roles, specifications, interdependencies, and technological differences between initiatives. This study report aims to start mapping European cross-border data-exchange solutions and initiatives, analyse the status of adoption, and investigate different aspects of these initiatives pertaining to legal, commercial, and technical specifications. Also, the report discusses the future outlook of European cross-border digital public services. Findings from this study could provide valuable insights for policymakers, solution owners, and service providers as it informs them about the interoperability, extensibility, and sustainability of European cross-border data exchange initiatives and projects



digitaalne ühisturg, koostalitlusvõime, piiriülene andmevahetus, piiriülesed teenused, digital single market, interoperability, cross-border data exchange, cross-border services