Sending and storing data from a smart scoliosis brace



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Tartu Ülikool


Scoliosis is a widely known disease that troubles many people globally. Scoliosis is treated with a specialized brace and assigned therapy, which consists of exercise routines that are recorded in patient journals. Often the exercise routines incorporate the medical brace. Outside of patient trust and therapy results, there is no universally agreed upon method of monitoring brace usage and therapy exercise routines. The aim of this thesis is to provide an example of how modern technology can be used to improve scoliosis therapy and help both patients and doctors see better results when treating scoliosis. The thesis aims to provide more scientific data for doctors to more effectively treat the disease.



medical technology, scoliosis brace, programming, pressure sensors, Unity Game Engine, Bluetooth, meditsiinitehnoloogia, skolioos korsett, programmeerimine, surve sensorid,