Development of an Engineering Model for ESTCube-2 Power Distribution Electronics



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The power distribution is a crucial function of the satellite electrical power system (EPS) responsible for the voltage conversion, power-related measurements, and power distribution to various satellite systems. EPS of the satellite also includes energy harvesting and energy storage; due to these functions, the electrical power system is one of the most essential systems of a satellite. It must have a redundant, rigid design that can withstand some system or component failures, the temperature, radiation, and other conditions presented by the low Earth orbit environment. The different functions of EPS are performed in various locations in the ESTCube- 2 satellite - 3U CubeSat developed by the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation. It is critical to carry out thorough tests for each electrical power system element to ensure that the power requirements of each satellite system will be met. This bachelor’s thesis aims to develop an engineering model for the power distribution electronics that are located on a single board within the ESTCube-2 nanosatellite - the EPS mainboard.



STCube-2, CubeSat, Electrical Power System, Power Distribution Network