Learning and teaching English at Tartu Vocational School: comparing mature and regular learners



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Tartu Ülikool


The purpose of the present MA thesis is to compare mature and regular learners of English at Tartu Vocational School. In recent years increasingly more adult learners have entered the educational system; therefore, the focus on mature learners is justified. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter provides a literature overview of the characteristics of mature students. The second chapter focuses on motivation and teaching methods. Chapter three focuses on the analysis of the results of the self-reported questionnaire, which was completed by 191 respondents. The questionnaire consisted of 44 questions. The respondents were divided into three age groups – aged 16–19, 20–24, and 25–53 years..The findings of the study show that age and sex of the learners are important factors in the learning and teaching of English The mature students value experience more than the younger ones. The youngest and the oldest age groups prefer more group and pair work. The middle group prefers more digital lessons. The overall motivational levels were low in all of the age groups. Age and sex have also a great influence on where and how students are exposed to English outside school.



inglise keel, täiskasvanud õpilased, õpimotivatsioon, kutseharidus, õppimine