GREECE. Risks and Opportunities Related to Media and Journalism Studies (2000–2020). Case Study on the National Research and Monitoring Capabilities.



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Research and data sources for the analysis of risks affecting, and opportunities for, deliberative communication in Greece reveal significant differences across the four Mediadelcom domains under study. Academic research is well advanced in the domain of law, but not particularly developed in the sphere of media ethics. Academic research in the domain of journalism is wellestablished and expanding, but data and statistics on journalism are scarce. In the domain of media usage, academic research is insufficiently institutionalized, while data collection is dispersed across commercial research bodies. The domain of media-related competences is the least developed of all in terms of the research and data available. The heterogeneity of the research and data sources available in the four domains reviewed undermines the potential for monitoring and assessing risks and opportunities for deliberative communication.