AUSTRIA. Risks and Opportunities Related to Media and Journalism Studies (2000–2020). Case Study on the National Research and Monitoring Capabilities



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Even though the Austrian media system is comparably small, the number and the capacity of available sources for an analysis of risks and opportunities for deliberative communication in Austria are well advanced – at least in some of the relevant research domains. Particularly in the domains of journalism and media usage, a large variety of empirical sources is available and research initiatives have reached a high degree of specialization, while criticism of a lack of data for long-term observations remains. In the domain of legal regulation, the basis of available data also appears to be well advanced, although empirical research is underrepresented. By contrast, research on media ethics and media literacy is less differentiated, due to a relatively weak institutionalization and a lack of continuous funding, among other things. The description and analysis of available sources is used as a starting point for recommendations on future research initiatives in these fields – including, for example, a more systematic examination of the role of different media-external context factors for the quality of deliberative communication.