Isosorbide-based monomers and novel stiff biobased polymers



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Tartu Ülikool


The goal of this work was to explore the synthesis of bioderived isosorbide based monomers and corresponding biobased polymers. The attractive features of isosorbide derivatives as monomers are linked to their rigidity, chirality, nontoxicity and the matter of fact that they are derived from biobass. Firstly, this thesis presents the synthesis of mono- and bis-cyclic carbonate monomers with CO2 which is an inexpensive, abundant and renewable feedstock. In particular, the reactivity of (salen)Co–I catalyst was exploited for the synthesis of valuable isosorbide based cyclic carbonates. Secondly, novel isosorbide amino alcohols were obtained by the direct amination of epoxides with aqueous ammonia. These amines were reacted with isosorbeide bis-epoxies to form corresponding thermosets. Finally, the thermal properties of the synthesized polymeric materials were studied by TGA and DSC techniques.



Biobased, isosorbide, renewable, thermosets, sustainable