Communications subsystem hardware and software development for the ESTCube-2 nanosatellite



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Tartu Ülikool


One of the most crucial components of satellites is their communications subsystem. Without a functioning radio link, it would be challenging to receive telemetry and payload data from the satellite and send telecommands to it from the ground. ESTCube-2 is a 3U CubeSat from the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation that is expectedto launch in 2022. The mission of ESTCube-2 is to test various payloads inLEO. The primary payload being the plasma brake, similar to the Electric Solar Wind Sail (E-Sail) experiment on ESTCube-1. Due to the critical nature of the satellite communications system, it is essential to start with thorough testing early to reach high reliability by the launch. The goals for this master thesis are to test ESTCube-2 communications subsystem hardware and software, and to create an engineering model, to resolve any issues discovered.



CubeSat, ESTCube-2, radio communication