Praktikavõimalused IT-ettevõtetes Eestis tudengite ja ettevõtete perspektiivist: pilootuuring



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Tartu Ülikool


Information technology is an important branch of the economy that has developed rapidly. The need for employees in the IT sector has risen faster than the educational system could adapt. During the research, students from the University of Tartu and companies which participated in a project called "Vali-IT" were questioned. The goal of the research was to study students' experience in an internship and companies' suggestions, experiences, and goals for internships. The present pilot study gathered input for the following research by collecting information about patterns, satisfaction, and suggestions from students and companies. Students' sample size was 125 of which 47 people had participated in an internship and their answers could be analysed. Companies' questionnaire was sent to 47 companies of which 7 responded. The results showed that the best-known internship was Playtech's. 20 (42%) students started working in the company they interned for, meanwhile only 7 (15%) students interned without a wage. The biggest expectation for students was to get hired and earn wages. 32 (68%) students found that interning increased their interest in the field. It appeared that COVID-19 had made organising an internship and being chosen as an intern more difficult compared to last year. Companies' main purpose in organising an internship was to recruit new employees. The results of the research brought attention to growth opportunities which could be made better. Although, before applying any changes, more research is needed.



Internship, computer science students, Estonian IT companies