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EODOPEN eBooks-On-Demand-Network Opening Publications for European Netizens

The EODOPEN project, as proposed by 15 libraries from 11 European countries, focuses on bringing the 20th and 21st century digitally-hidden works to the public by digitising and making available literary documents from the modern times whilst fully respecting current copyright regimes. To achieve this aim, EODOPEN has a clear strategy for regional audience development, focusing on the “demand side” instead of just “supply side” - directly engage with national, regional, and local communities in the selection of material as well as the digitisation and dissemination process, finally enhancing intercultural dialogue based on the digitised objects. Thus, creativity across Europe will be sparked as new readers and content creators discover works previously unavailable to them. EODOPEN runs from 1/11/2019 & last for 48 months.

This project follows the two previous EU projects Digitization on Demand and eBooks on Demand, which resulted in the EOD - eBooks on Demand service.


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