The main aim of the Graphene Flagship is to bring graphene and related materials from the lab to the market and help generate economic growth, new jobs and new opportunities in Europe. Graphene Core3 is the third core project of the Graphene Flagship and is characterized by a continued transition towards higher technology readiness levels, while keeping a strong component of fundamental research. Made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick, graphene will bring a new dimension to all future technology – including faster, thinner, stronger, flexible electronics and a revolution in the speed of broadband networks.

Recent Submissions

  • Metal Oxide Nanolayer-Decorated Epitaxial Graphene: A Gas Sensor Study 

    Rodner, Marius; Icardi, Adam; Kodu, Margus; Jaaniso, Raivo; Schütze, Andreas; Eriksson, Jens (MDPI, 2020)
    In this manuscript, we explore the sensor properties of epitaxially grown graphene on silicon carbide decorated with nanolayers of CuO, Fe3O4, V2O5, or ZrO2. The sensor devices were investigated in regard to their response ...
  • Semiquantitative Classification of Two Oxidizing Gases with Graphene-Based Gas Sensors 

    Lind, Martin; Kiisk, Valter; Kodu, Margus; Kahro, Tauno; Renge, Indrek; Avarmaa, Tea; Makaram, Prashanth; Zurutuza, Amaia; Jaaniso, Raivo (MDPI, 2022)
    Miniature and low-power gas sensing elements are urgently needed for a portable electronic nose, especially for outdoor pollution monitoring. Hereby we prepared chemiresistive sensors based on wide-area graphene (grown by ...