Korduvate mõtete küsimustiku adapteerimine eesti keelde


2012-03-15, 2012

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Tartu Ülikool
Tartu Ülikool


The main goal of the present thesis was to test the applicability of the Perseverative Thought Questionnaire (PTQ) in a sample of Estonian population. The sample consisted of 117 people who completed a battery of tests, including in addition to PTQ the EST-Q 2, DASS and TCQ questionnaires that were used to assess levels of depression and anxiety. The internal reliability of PTQ was excellent. The factor structure differed from the original, but parallels can be drawn between the PTQ and the original. The PTQ score was strongly correlated with the scores of EST-Q 2 and DASS; also, a significant difference was found between the PTQ scores of the clinical and non-clinical group. According to these results, PTQ can be considered reliable and valid. Keywords: depression, anxiety, worry, rumination, repetitive thinking



depressioon, ärevus, küsimustikud