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Tartu Ülikool



The topic of this Bachelorís thesis was the creation of an information portal for the youth of Tartu. It was originally one of the proposed practical projects for the thesis, where I added a research to provide empirical and quantitative support. In the first part of the thesis I provided an overview of the aims, set the hypothesis and main research questions which concern the future portal and my thesis. I brought out thoroughly the theoretical and empirical starting points of the Internet and portals, analysing and summarising earlier researches and disquisitions. The research outcomes show that youngsters use the Internet more and more and it is becoming a notable part of their everyday life. From just a place to search and move information the Internet is becoming a community and a communication environment where they spend plenty of their time. Preparing the thesis, I let Tartuís youth fill in questionnaires to find out their information consumption and expectations towards the portal. I also conducted expert interviews with a few editors and administrators of currently existing and quite successful youth portals. Portals are used to a lesser extent to search for information, so we decided to enlace the ìpracticalî information with entertainment, so that we could have a complete solution where a youngster from Tartu could find the information which is both interesting and useful for him and at the same time he could talk in chat rooms, comment in forums, etc. As the thesis is a practical project and the portal conception, contents, etc. have been already worked out, I also analysed the past actions. I tried to bring out the bottlenecks and main problems we encountered during the process ñ the major being the realisation of the portal, which depends largely on finding the donors. Taking account of the donorís requirements left its mark on the contents of the portal, they also determine the creation or non-creation of many surplus values. In ideal the portal should be ready by the end of August and in September we would begin with the active informing and advertising campaign. But again I have to emphasise that the time factor could change, depending mostly on the funding.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, infoühiskond, Internet, infoportaalid, noored, kommunikatsioon, Tartu