Euroopa Liidu representatsioon kolmes Eesti ajalehes märtsis 2005 ja 2007



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Tartu Ülikool



The first part of the paper describes some of the most important theoretical concepts of European public sphere and Europeanization of national media. Also it gives an overview of Estonians opinions and attitudes associated with the EU. A common thesis in research is that a European public sphere can be constituted via the Europeanization of reporting in the national media. This paper aims to answer the question whether such Europeanization is taking place in Estonian print media. On the basis of content analysis of three newspapers- the largest quality daily, tabloid daily and the largest local newspaper- the paper investigates whether various forms of Europeanization in Estonian print media are on the rise. This paper uses the same methodology that was used in international research program Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM). Results of the content analysis are compared to the findings of the news agenda analysis of ten European countries in March 2005. Major conclusions about EU coverage in Estonian newspapers are as follows: EU topics account for an extremely small proportion of the reporting and there is no active debate or discussion of European issues in Estonian print media. But the number of articles where EU has major prominence is rising and the EU coverage in Estonia has now more similarities to other European countries than it did two years ago. Although there are lack of competent journalists specialised in EU issues and limited space for EU news, the developmental tendencies towards a Europeanization of the Estonian print media do exists.


H Social Sciences (General)