eKooli kasutuspraktikad: koolijuhtide, õpetajate, õpilaste ja lapsevanemate vaatenurk



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Tartu Ülikool



The aim of the present BA thesis „eKool Using Practice – Headmasters’, Teachers’, Students’ and Parents’ point of view.“ The present Thesis is a pilot-research based on in-depth interviews and gives the main overview of main tendencies, evaluations and attitudes. In the theory chapter author introduces the theoretical grounds and keywords, such as organizational communication, parental involvement, and e-diary (E-Homebook System). Forming the theoretical basis author used theories of organizational communication Past and Pace & Wayne & Faules. Defining the parental involvement, theories of Epstein, Cotton, Chen & Yu & Chang. Explaining e-homebook theories Chen & Yu & Chang. The empirical chapter of the Thesis was to find answers to following questions: 1. What is eKool and why it is important? 2. How different user groups understand the usefulness of eKool – vision of student-teacher-parental communication. 3. What kind of attitudes and assessments do users have? 4. How is eKool and E-Homebook System related? To get the qualitative research was carried out using the method in-depth interviews. The respondent selection was based on the people who were using eKool in 2007/2008 school year. Answering the research questions in this pilot-research can author say, that different user practices using eKool are mostly positive and the system is used willingly. Interestingly all these user groups had very similar opinions about eKool’s negative aspects. Users understanding about home-school communication is quite similar and actually all participants can see in eKool opportunity to improve communication between teachers’, parents’ and students’. Concluding the summary, there is need to research based on bigger selection of respondents to get more precise picture of eKool’s using practices, attitudes and assessments.