Eesti meediakriitika hetkeseis Postimehe, Eesti Päevalehe ja Eesti Ekspressi näitel



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Tartu Ülikool



The aim of the present Bachelor’s thesis is to analyse mediacritical discussion in the Estonian press. The paper consists of two parts. The first part introduces theoretical aspects of mediacriticism, its nature, functions, objectives and evolution in the world. The second part evaluates mediacritical articles - 40 in total - published in Estonian daily newspapers Postimees, Eesti Päevaleht and Eesti Ekspress during the past five years using the method of qualitative content analysis. It should be pointed out that most articles discussing mediacritical problems included problems reflecting profit interest, the authors of which reproached the Estonian press about too extensive orientation to scandals and too little interest in more important topics for the public. The second major problem brought out by the authors of mediacritical articles was unbalance. In half of the cases it denoted unbalanced articles which means that when recounting events not all parties were given word to. In the other half of the cases it meant unbalanceness of journalists which means that in their articles journalists tended to take somebody’s side instead of staying neutral. As a result of the analysis it can be concluded that there too little mediacricitism is disclosed in Estonia. The articles published are unplanned and occasional. The main reason why they are published lies in the necessity of the authors’ (self)justification. The circle of mediacritical authors is tight involving only three interest groups: editors from competing publications, media specialists and politicians. Consequently, it can be claimed that there is no competent mediacritical discussion in Estonia.


H Social Sciences (General)