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In this bachelor thesis the internal communication of Tartu Higher Art School was researched at the period of changes. The new principal was engaged there on the 1st of January. Also the organizational climate of Tartu Higher Art Scool was studied and regarded how it has changed after the designation of the new principal. Firstly the theoretical basis was presented, which was devided into three parts: systemtheories where organiztions` communication with its environment was explained as an intersystematic process with mutual impact, communicationtheories where the importance of an organizational communication was explained and change managing theories. In describing the theoretical basis also the areas of interest of this research were noted while analyzing the empirical material. The empirical part of the research can be devided into two:  a questionnaire among the employees of Tartu Higher Art School, in April 2005  interviews with two employees from different structural units As a result of the research, conlusions were made about the main problems of Tartu Higher Art School`s communication and organizational climate. Empirical material was analyzed on the basis of the division used in the questionnaire:  the changes and the communication of the changes;  information flow in Tartu Higher Art School;  contentment of teamwork and motivation to work in Tartu Higher Art School;  organizational climate The conclusions were made on the basis of information gathered from the questionnaires and interviews. The results of the analysis were also compared with the thoeretical basis described in the research. Finally the suggestions were given to the management to Tartu Higher Art School for planning and communicating the further innovations and changes more effectively.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, suhtekorraldus, organisatsioonid, muutused, organisatsioonikommunikatsioon, sisekommunikatsioon, sisekliima, Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool