Mineviku aktualiseerimine Eesti teleuudistes veebruaris ja märtsis 2009



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Tartu Ülikool



The frequent contemporary construction of the past events is subject to exceedingly different forms of media. The thesis at hand has selected the form of televised media and the format of the newscast, focusing upon the definite actualization of past events. The theoretical section of the thesis analyzes how the news media shapes our collective memory, the specific impact that the television as a visual media has upon it, the role of the reporter and how the past and history are actualized in case of anniversaries and events of considerable magnitude. The objectives of the thesis at hand include mapping the news stream by means of content analysis and to focus on the anniversary journalism utilizing qualitative text analysis. The secondary goal of the thesis was to assess the narrative manifestation and its origins. Among the significant conclusions of the thesis is the major actualization of anniversary journalism during certain time periods, whereas other such periods can be rendered without sufficient attention. The past were contextualized primarily within the framework of the present, serving these events as a background item, providing an element of duration, place or context. The qualitative analysis was utilized to evaluate the televised newscasts reporting the deportation theme, wherein the discourse between the victim and the enemy are clearly defined. This analysis was performed on a macro level upon reported article texts as well as through the personal recollections of the victims.


magistritööd, meedia, televisioon, uudised, teleuudised, minevik, ajalugu, ajalooteadvus, kollektiivne mälu, küüditamine, repressioonid