The unknown present



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Tartu Ülikool


The Growing Block theory (GBT), which is a theory that posits a past and a present but no future, faces a problem about the knowledge of the present time. If the past is just as real as the present, we face the possibility of falsely believing which time is present. This Thesis supports the safety argument presented against the Growing Block Theory to show that knowledge about the present is unsafe. It makes use of the safety premise, permanent belief, and closeness in conjunction with the indifference argument to show that past and present subjects alike, are on an epistemic par with respect to the knowledge of time. I suggest that once the Growing blocker accepts such a view about propositions, they face the challenge of their knowledge not being safe. I propose that due to the absence of a differential marker that proves the present time as metaphysically special, the theorists of time should perhaps consider an alternate theory to avoid the Epistemic problem of time.