Development of a continuous teleoperation system for urban road vehicle



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Tartu Ülikool


Teleoperation is a remote control technology that also provides situational awareness to the remote operator via camera feeds and other data. In the context of road vehicles, teleoperation is needed for testing the self-driving abilities as well as assisting the vehicle or implementing a fully teleoperated solution on a similar platform. At the University of Tartu, a self-driving vehicle is being developed at Autonomous Driving Lab (ADL), which currently lacks a suitable teleoperation solution. The goal of this thesis is to develop a prototype teleoperation solution, which could be later used on the actual self-driving vehicle. During the process multiple software solutions are compared, taking into account previous teleoperation test results from ADL as well. The result is a teleoperation prototype that uses RTCBot, which is a Python library for teleoperation. Finally the prototype is tested on the Robotont platform



teleoperation, self-driving vehicles