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Tartu Ülikool



The aim of the current thesis is to find out what the image of Tartu is among school leavers. In order to achieve that several methods have been employed. One of the main methods is Charles E. Osgood`s semantic differential. A questionnaire was used to interpret the results of the semantic differential and semi-structured thorough interviews were conducted for a background analysis. The sample of school leavers consisted of 68 students. 49 of the students who answered were Estonians and 19 were non-Estonians. The answers were obtained using a method similar to the snowball effect. Initially, 8 students from a school in Tartu were interviewed who spread the questionnaire among their acquaintances, they gathered the questionnaires and returned to the author. The reasearch reveals that the image of Tartu is predominantly positive among school leavers.Differences can be seen between Estonians` and non-Estonians` images of Tartu. School leavers view Tartu as the safest, warmest, friendliest, cleanest and most colourful town. School leavers associate Tartu most with the Town Hall Square, theatre Vanemuine, River Emajõgi and Tartu University. More than 50 per cent of the students believe that life in Tartu will improve and they deem it a worthy environment for living. The results were compared with the results of 1999 and it became evident that the non- Estonians` image of Tartu has become more negative. The Estonian school leavers` image has remained positive. My hypothesis was confirmed. I assumed that the image of the town is mostly positive, but negative among non-Estonians. The results show that the general image of Tartu is more negative compared to school leavers who are Estonian. In addition, I presumed that Tartu University is one of the most important characteristic objects of Tartu and the town as a living environment is small and, as a result, young people lack opportunities. I discovered that Tartu Town Hall Square is Tartu`s most characteristic object and Tartu is viewed as a suitable living environment and as capable of development. One of the assumptions was that organisation`s and target groups` images are strongly linked.The idea was confirmed as the opinions of town representatives and students were similar. It could be concluded that the activities of the town government are important in determining the town image.


bakalaureusetööd, õpilased, abituurium, linnad, Tartu, kuvand, mainekujundus