Seebiooperite jälgimine: ajendid ja põhjendused

dc.contributor.authorTšursin, Kariina
dc.descriptionThe aim of this thesis - „Viewing soap operas: motives and justifications“ - was to explain and to describe the relationship between the norms applying to media consmption, their adoption and the actual media consumption, and their impact on justifications and attitudes towards soap operas when speaking about one’s media consumption practices; with regard to the information thus obtained, to bring out the factors that have potential to inflict cognitive dissonance. For the purpose of studying the impact of the norms mentioned above, I decided to interview soap opera viewers. Thus, I conducted ten unstructured interviews. What is important to note here, is the fact that unfortunately I only managed to interview only female viewers. As the result of analysing these ten interviews, I have come to the conclusion that the context in which the consumption of soap operas takes place is either negative or neutral, since in the interviewees‘ opinion only other people who watch soap operas were showing positive attitude toward soap operas and soap opera viewing. It is plausible that the normative context surrounding media consuption affects the way people speak about their media consumption practices. At the same time, it is difficult to determine whether this context is likely to affect the practices themselves, too. Although the actual practices seem to be consonants with these norms, it is interesting to note that, consciously or unconsciously, the soap opera viewers tend to make difference between the soaps they are viewing (which are interesting, etc) and the soaps the „others“ are viewing (which are, accordingly, boring, etc). It is quite obvious that it is the case of cognitive dissonance, or, to be more precise, of the way of coping with cognitive dissonance. The contadictory context of soap opera viewing (the negative norms on one side and the actual practices on the other) is likely to induce the necessity for justifying one’s media consumption practices, and that is exactly what the interviewees do.
dc.identifierTšursin, Kariina (2005) Seebiooperite jälgimine: ajendid ja põhjendused. Other thesis, Tartu Ülikool.
dc.subjectH Social Sciences (General)
dc.titleSeebiooperite jälgimine: ajendid ja põhjendused


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