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Tartu Ülikool



In my bachelor’s thesis I focused on finding out what are the most used topics in personal blogs (personal diary type blogs or “egoblogs”) in Estonia and which topics have gathered more comments from the readers. I also observed how much bloggers mention and link mass media and how much they use illustrations in the blog postings. Using content analysis I researched five personal blogs from Estonian blog catalogue TOP 100. I analysed altogether 1317 postings from year 2007 (between January and December), which I divided into 22 topics. There were altogether 9135 comments. I concluded that bloggers who write egoblogs are focused mostly on themselves – the most used topics/categories were myself – self analysis, etc. (12%), everyday chronicle (11%) and practical aspects of everyday life (11%). The most commented topics were society (15%), practical aspects of everyday life (11%) and myself (11%). Mass media was mentioned in 6% of blog postings and linked in 12% of blog postings. 1% of blog postings was password protected and 81% of blog postings did not include link to mass media or mentioning of mass media. Illustrations (photo, video, graphics, etc.) were added to 30% of blog postings; 70% of blog postings consisted of text only.


H Social Sciences (General)