Kunstinäituste kajastamine Eesti Päevalehes ja Postimehes 2008. aastal



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Tartu Ülikool



The aim of the bachelor thesis “The Coverage of Art Exhibitions in Newspapers in 2008. The Example of Eesti Päevaleht and Postimees” was to analyze which information were emphasised in the articles about art exhibitions and what were the goals of the article’s authors while portraying the exhibitions. An important part of the thesis was focusing on the differences of the representation between the two newspapers. Throughout the study the combined method of content analysis and semi-structured expert interviews were used. The results of the content analysis revealed that the most commonly used genre was review, not news stories as presumed. Still, there were differences between the two newspapers: Eesti Päevaleht printed more reviews, whereas Postimees preferred short news stories. This may be explained by the composition of the staffs. On the contrary to Postimees, Eesti Päevaleht has employed an art editor with a PhD in art. Postimees uses freelance authors. Therefore the representation of art exhibition can be considered more consistent in Eesti Päevaleht, but also more one-sided, since there is basically only one writer. In Postimees the use of different authors gave the impression of versatile views on art, but lacked of consistency. Although it was assumed that the main emphasis in the articles would be on the persona of the artist, the results showed that the information about the exhibition as a cultural event was portrayed as most important. The photos printed to illustrate the articles were mostly of particular works of art from the exhibitions. The main differences between the two dailies were most apparent in the aims of the articles. Eesti Päevaleht focused more on the informative and educational aspect, whereas in Postimees the articles were more emotional and creative. In conclusion, the present thesis showed that there were differences in the representation of art exhibitions in the two Estonian national dailies Eesti Päevaleht and Postimees. The differences manifested in the most commonly used genres as well as the main aims of the articles.