Subjektiivse aja tajumise adaptatsiooniefekt ja seos meeleoluga aklimatiseerumisele suunatud kuumatreeningprogrammi ajal


2012-03-13, 2012

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Tartu Ülikool
Tartu Ülikool


The present work was concerned with changes in subjective interval timing in conditions of elevated temperature and physical exercise. It has been proven by previous studies that subjective time perception is prone to acceleration when exposed to these conditions, but that a process of acclimatization may mitigate this effect. In light of this, an experimental study consisting of two capacity tests and an eight-day acclimation training program was conducted, in which test subjects went through treadmill exercise in a controlled climate chamber. The objective of the study was to find out which of the parameters of the training were adequate predictors of the adaption of subjective time perception and whether general mood arousal has an influence on the acceleration effect. The results of the study also demonstrated the adaption effect. From the training parameters, heart rate was most associated with adaption. No outstanding connection between general mood state and the acceleration of subjective time was detected. Keywords: acceleration of subjective time, physical exercise, heat stress, acclimatization, mood.



ajataju, aklimatisatsioon, füüsiline koormus, emotsionaalsed seisundid