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The current Bachelor’s (“Change communication based on the case of Elion“) thesis focuses on the analysis of the process of changing AS Eesti Telefon into Elion from the viewpoint of organisation culture and organisation communication. The paper analyses the internal communication during the period of changes or communicating of changes to the company’s internal target groups through mediation of different channels and based on the organisation culture and communication of the restructured company (1.5 years after the change) and viewpoints of employees of sales organisation. The objective of the analysis is to assess the success of internal communication during the period of changes, established organisation culture and its compliance with the objectives and values of the restructured organisation. The theoretical part of the paper includes the main terms and definitions related to the paper. The latter also provides an overview of the organisation and communication theory approaches related to the topic. The following research questions were set for carrying out the analysis: 1. When did the information on changing the name and visual identity reached the members of sales organisation? 2. Did the messages on the reasons of changes reached the employees and which were the significant communication channels? 3. Do employees consider the change as grounded and necessary? 4. How do the employees assess the restructured organisation and working there (assessment of employees on motivation, cooperation, communication, internal climate of organisation)? 5. How do the employees assess Elion in comparison with one ideal company x? The questionnaire carried out among the employees of sales, service and supply organisations of Elion Ettevõtted AS is the empirical material of the Bachelor’s thesis. The questionnaire consists of both closed and open questions. The closed questions were analysed based on the quantitive and open questions based on qualitative method. According to the results of the carried out research most of the respondents heard of the company’s name change for the first time on the family day organised in Spring 2003 in Saku Suurhall. 80% of the respondents stated that they also became aware of t he reasons for changes and the background information. Such information was mainly obtained from the electronic internal communication channels and information days. The majority (87%) of the respondents considered the changing of Eesti Telefon into Elion either more or less necessary. The answers to the question regarding the working in the renewed organisation were above average positive. More than half of the respondents believed that working in Elion is quite prestigious. Two factors differentiated reg arding the motivation which motivated the majority of the questioned: valuation of work and working in the fast-developing trendy sector. The respondents also assessed the changes having been carried out in the organisation and subunit within last 1.5 years as positive – most of the respondents were partly or quite satisfied with the changes made. Also, the management of organisation and its own subunit was assessed as satisfactory and the teamwork of the company was evaluated good. The employees obtain professional information mainly from the service website, internal portal, training, through direct superior, through e -mail and communication with the colleagues. The respondents would mostly prefer to obtain information from the direct superior, electronic internal communication channels and e-mail. More than half of the respondents stated that no major faults exist in the company’s information flow – information flow is smooth in the company. The faults in the information flow occur in the direction from up to down according to the opinion of the respondents (25% stated that no information could be obtained from the manager). The assessment on the internal climate of organisation was different as to the respondents, depending mainly on the internal climate of the specific unit of the respondent, but the internal climate received all in all positive assessment from the respondents. Elion is evaluated quite highly based on the questions included in the questionnaire compared to one ideal company x. Some difference still occurs in part of social factors. As to the listed values, the values of Elion and the ideal organisation x were extremely similar.