Muutuv Looming 1979 - 1991



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Tartu Ülikool



Changing Looming 1979-1991 The aim of this thesis was to analyze changes in Estonia’s leading literature journal Looming in 1979-1991. The dozen years were picked due to various colossal changes in the society during the period, from Russification to re-independence. Changes in Looming were observed by analyzing 282 articles from 1980, 1986 and 1988-1991, also the balance between articles and prose texts. The concept of taboo holds a key role in this reasearch as there was no freedom of speech in the Soviet Union. Therefore certain topics, people and phenomenons were forbidden in the public text. The articles analyzed were placed in nine categories, six of these were examined more thoroughly. A major conclusion is that the status of Looming changed from a traditional literature journal in early eighties to a key developer and spreader of democratic thought in the end of the decade. Looming also played a huge part in reconstructing Estonia’s and estonians’ identity by publishing a fair amount of texts which had previously been considered as taboo. In 1991 the print-run decreased drastically, the reason for that is believed to be the birth of numerous new journalistic publications, as well as lack of resources, and transformations in the functions of the media.


bakalaureusetööd, ajakirjandus, ajakirjad, kultuuriajakirjandus, kultuur, trükiajakirjandus, Looming (ajakiri)